McCall Ya Later!

Alright that may be a little cheesy. But who doesn't like a good piece of cheese? See what I did right there? I'm a jokester. Yup.

We took a weekend trip up to McCall, Idaho which is beautiful around this time of year. I'm surprised it's not busier. The fall leaves and colors look just like a painting up there. It was just the getaway we needed. Just us and the babe.

Our little monkey is the happiest ever (when he's not fussy). I think we've finally figured out a good solution to teething. Amber necklace and boiron homeopathy. He's been great this time around. He's pushing his top teeth in and it seems to be harder for him, his gums are a lot more irritated and bleedy. Poor bub.

I think we've pretty much decided to go back to McCall for their annual winter festival which includes famous ice sculptures and snow. Have I ever mentioned how much I love snow. Winter is my favorite season, I love the cold, the snow and lack of greenery. I don't dislike the other seasons, but winter holds a special spot in my heart.

So it's looking like my sinus issues are coming back from the dead. My headaches/migraines have started back up again and it is not fun. I'm hoping for good news from the ENT specialist next week, but I have a feeling it won't be great. It's a little too soon for my comfort, less then two and a half years from sinus surgery and I'm having issues all over again. Lame. 

That's about all the updates I have for now. I've got to tend to a needy little boy. 

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