Nine months big boy! Whoa. Too fast. On your ninth month one of your top teeth decided to finally break through! Wahoo! Your sleep has been irregular the past couple weeks and now we know why. You've been so great with Mommy not feeling good Eli, when I have a headache it's almost as if you know. Some days are better then others, but overall you rock kid. I love you bunches!

You walk with your walker more confidently everyday, which leads me to think you will be walking sometime next month. Stop. Growing. Up. I'm not the only one who tells you this, your aunties do and grandparents. We mean it, now stop. I wish it was so simple. Just yesterday I put you in a size twelve month jammies, they were stretching at the seams to fit! Your breaking my heart kid every time we have to move you up a size. Speaking of size, we had to move you to 12-18 month clothes because of your length and big head. We couldn't get your noggin through the shirt holes of the 9-12 month stuff. 

For Halloween this year we are going as a stick figure family. Yup, you read it correctly, stick figure family. You can see Eli eating part of his costume above.

He moved too fast for me to get a good shot of it. 
We will be just like the family stick figures you see on the back of car windows. 

Oh mom! Where do you come up with this stuff?

I love you my little nugget. Do me a favor, stop eating dog food now that you can belly scoot yourself across the room and no, the dogs water bowl is not a pool. This is why we have gotten a fancy baby gate. Also, your brother may lose weight now that his bowl is on the INSIDE of the gate. Poor dog. Your always keeping mama on her toes Eli. I love to hate it, but more love it. Speaking of gates, we need one for the hallway now that you've discovered the bathroom. Anyone want to donate to our gate fund?
 I'll make sure to post a photo of the whole stick family. The dog isn't taking part of this because I'm not sure he'd appreciate duct tape on his fur and well, he enjoy eating things on him. Probably not a good idea. Happy haunting to everyone!

I'm done with this costume mom! Nom nom nom. 

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