Plans Change

We all tend to have similar plans, right? Grow up, move out, school of some sort, career, marriage, family, kids, grandkids, death. Sometimes things move around and waiver, but I think we could all agree our plans tend to be around the same lines as those, correct?

Well, what happens when your plans don't go as predicted? This past year has taught me never to chance tomorrow. I'm not talking live in a bubble and never have fun, more along the lines of, putting my son in his car seat correctly every time, cherishing every moment, living every day to the fullest and loving until your heart breaks type of chances. We can be the safest drivers ever, but the person in the lane next to you may be texting or the family member you were just talking to suddenly has a health scare. Remember our plans are not ours, they will always be His.

 A friend of mine went into preterm labor earlier this year and gave birth to her son, only to have him pass away moments later. Another photographer I've loved's four year old niece had an unknown heart condition and slowly passed away while taking a bath. A great friend of mine lost her father only hours after giving birth to her son. These are the moments I'm talking about, the moments we can not predict. The moments our 'emergency plans' don't cover.

How do you respond when your plans don't go as planned? On the day my friend's son was due, she requested all of us honor him by releasing a balloon. I don't know why the happy face balloon caught my eye, but it seemed to attract me more than all the others. After bringing it home it only seemed reasonable to have our son release it. Almost like a baby telling another, "It's ok."

We waited and we waited until he let go and then we watched it float away into the sky. To be honest with you, I'm not sure how I would respond when my plans didn't go as I thought they would. Anger, sadness, hurt...just a few emotions I'm sure I would feel. My question to myself would be, would I fall away from my faith? Would I draw closer? What would I do? 

I would never wish anything bad on anyone. The only thing I would ask of you is remember to keep in mind the new person you may meet may be going through something, so remember to be compassionate, merciful and loving. Life is so dearly precious. Live each day as if you may not get another.

P.S. This is the Sister in Law of the photographer I admire's blog I now follow. For Vienne.

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