I forgot to blog about Eli's seventh month of life, so this is a double post. Including month seven and eight. He's growing too fast for me to keep up!

His personality has really started to shine through. He loves to get up using our fingers and walk where HE wants. He starts to get frustrated if we don't walk with him in the direction he would like. I love seeing who he is come out. So far he is determined, loving and definitely stubborn and I love him to pieces.

He has started to point to things, specifically food and my boob, which is of course still food. I have one silly boy I tell ya!

There is nothing more I enjoy then seeing him grow everyday. He continues to surprise us with his affection and love. The more we think he is unaware, the next moment he is starring right at us like he knows our next move. This kid, I tell ya!

He loves to keep me on my toes for sure. His current favorite things are the baby banana teether. We keep getting compliments on it too. Loves going for walks in his stroller and seeing everything, we can hand him a toy but he pays no attention to it, taking in the world is so much more fun.

I just love him. He makes me so happy. His infections smile and witty personality.



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