Eleven months has gone by since welcoming our son into this world. Eleven whole months. What?! This month he has exploded with words, he says baba, mama, dada (or tata in Romanian), he points to what he wants and on the day before he turned eleven months, he even took two steps! Then the next day seven or eight in a row!

He's gone from army crawling to normal crawling. From the rolling position to sitting up. Now he even pulls himself up to standing! He's shocked us both with how much he's done in the past month. I know there's even more to come, but I'm not sure I can handle it. I do know I definitely don't have a choice in the matter.

This was him right before our little monthly shoot. Mashed potatoes from Christmas. Yum!

How do you get an eleven month old to lay still for photos? Give them a necklace! I won a set of chewbeads online recently and I must say, I'm really happy I did. Eli LOVES chewing on them. Check them out here if your interested, Chewbeads. I'm pretty surprised with how sturdy they are as well, Eli has broken three of my necklaces now (one of my favorites too) and this one he hasn't been able to. YAY!

All of these were taken by Josh. I just love them. Except for the fact my hair is sporadic and I am really sick in these photos. So tired of being sick. We've been sick three times in the past month and a half and this time is really wearing on me. Our reality lately is perfectly exemplified in the photos Josh took of Eli and myself. Happy...nurse...sad...nurse...bleh...nurse.


 Oh and Eli and Nizmo's relationship has really developed into amazing brotherly love lately. Nizmo loves being near him, but knows to try and be gently. Eli gets him very exciting by crawling around him and squealing in glee. It's adorable.

Isn't he the naughtiest little Woody you ever did see? My sisters bought him the onesie right when he was born and he is FINALLY big enough to wear it. The boots they bought are way too small though.
Hope your new years is blissful and happy! And hopefully your not pulling your child out of the trash in the bathroom...


A Christmas at Home.

We decided to do Christmas on a rotation schedule. One year in Washington with my family, one in California with Josh's and one year home. We can't do the crazy driving around with Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas day with mine and I'm actually very thankful for that. Spending Christmas with one family makes it a lot more relaxing and stress free. I also like we have decided to take time for ourselves as family. I didn't take hardly any photos on Christmas day, but that's OK. I know I should have, but I was honestly enjoying the day so much the thought completely escaped me.

Our day was filled with relaxation and celebration of the birth of our Savior. We opened gifts and stockings. I baked our traditional cinnamon rolls (who I had the BEST help making them from). Yes they are homemade, no I don't have a recipe.
I'm not much of a recipe person. Afterwards we relaxed and cleaned up a bit. FaceTime'd with family in California and Washington. Called great-grandparents in Romania. It was quite the relaxing and blissful day.

This giant wall in our rental is not only large, but it combines our living space with our dining space. Essentially two different areas in one. In November I finally mustered up the courage to put up the giant ten foot shelf. The whole wall is a work in progress (as you can see from the plastic wrap still on Eli's newborn photo) and I'm not sure if it will ever be 'finished'. I enjoy changing things up constantly. It's a problem.

Little penguin has been enjoying outlets a bit too much lately. He's trying to figure out how the covers work now. I'm in trouble.

We got Eli the bi-plane rocker for Christmas and he loves it! I have to figure out how to post a video on here to show you.
Purchased last year in San Francisco
Our 2013 ornament
I LOVE shopping after Christmas. When I open all our decorations the next year it's a wonderful surprise to put decor up I haven't used yet. Is that weird? It's kind of a rush.
So the little penguin was in my stocking one year and it's been floating about our house since. The owl is named Greg and my good friend has his brother Erwin in Maryland. You can check out her blog here Our life in Four Bags. They actually have a twitter we need to get up and running again.
My next project. Like I said, always working on something. Although, I am embarrassed to say it took me about three months to cover the pillows on the couch.

Dinner on Christmas Eve consisted of mashed potatoes and pomegranate buttered rosemary chicken. Dinner on Christmas day was prime rib, baked red potatoes, carrots/green beans in a lemon/butter sauce, walnut salad and baked elephant ear garlic with cranberry sourdough. It was delicious. All of it.

I figured it out! Merry Belated Christmas to you and yours!


Just Be.

You ever wonder what it would be like to experience life through the eyes of a baby again? Sometimes people say,

"babies just LOVE to get messy."
"All babies want is to make messes"

To be quite honest with you, i'd much rather get messy or make a mess then be clean or clean it up. Babies do all these thing to experience what happens. They've never experienced tearing blocks down and the sound it makes. Or what a banana feels like in your hand. You've heard the expression,

"innocence of a child."

Children are innocent of everything until they experience it for themselves. The more you squish the banana in your hand or fall on the pavement a few times you learn it's not so fun to eat the banana when it's soft and scraping your knees and hands really, actually hurts! As adults tense up for the fall or get angry when we drop food on ourselves.

Why? Is this what being an adult is really about? If so, then I'd much rather look through the perspective of my son. I've enjoyed greatly seeing his reaction to this season. Although winter months may be dreary and plain for some, it is really a very colorful time of year for me. The Christmas lights and decor. He's not as interested as we expected him to be in the tree, but his face definitely lit up when we first put it up. Trying to pull the lights off and eat them (don't let your kid do that though). He was amazed.

The snow globe was a huge hit with him at first. Glitter falling and a carol singing. Innocence...

Frankly, there is so much in this world that is mean and angry. It's so hard to completely push it out of your mind. I want the innocence my son has. The imagination and verve for life. Your on the fast path to adulthood as soon as elementary school is over it seems like. When your young, you want nothing more then to grow up. When you grow up, you want nothing more then to turn back time and slow down. This isn't one of those, "I told you so" moments by the people wiser and older then us. This is more of a, "Lord...give me peace" moment. I just want to sit, admire our tree and be. Just be.

Eli has started crawling (on all fours) now and his sounds are progressing to more then just,
Which is great! As a parent I want him to grow, learn, see and do. But as an adult I want him to slow down. It's not going to happen. God didn't intend for life to be slow. Really he didn't. Maybe life would be harder for us as humans if it were slower, I'm not sure. Regardless of His intentions for it, try to remember to slow down and breath. Live in the moment, if not for yourself for your kids.

Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to remind you it's not about getting to the next milestone. Sitting down in a fluffy snowsuit and discovering what snow tastes like for the first time is more important then walking or talking.
Just be.

Good night friends. From my snow bear to yours,


Meeting Anna

While in the bay area, one must always visit the city. If you have a husband like mine who despises the city how do you make this enjoyable for you AND him? Take the train I 'spose. We ended up taking BART into San Francisco while we were there and it was a much more enjoyable experience then bringing our SUV and trying to figure out parking. No thank you. Why hadn't we thought of this before??! Live and learn I guess.

I have been following Anna from {him, me & the pipsqueak} for several years now. We've communicated back and forth commenting on each other's blogs and what not. This year we are actually doing an ornament exchange, send one to your buddy and receive one back. We don't have many followers and that's OKAY. I'm not sure either of us really blogs for followers as much as for ourselves and family. Regardless, it totally made us feel super hip to do a 'blogger meet up' in the city!

Her husband Jason and herself actually live in San Francisco with their new baby boy Jack. They live in the city and I am VERY jealous of that fact. I am such a city person. So I live vicariously through her blog. I wish we would have gotten more photos, especially of the espresso and food at the coffee shop she took us to. I'll just close my eyes and remember the crunchy, buttery deliciousness of the chocolate croissant I had. 

Alright, I'll stop. Can't have you drooling on me! 

It was a VERY fun day in the city. Eli slept in the ergo for a total of three hours that day. Better then any day since we had gotten there. We walked EVERYWHERE. So much more enjoyable to visit then using a car. I think we will go into the city with BART every time now.

We actually made a huge day out of it. Met with Anna in the early afternoon and then had dinner by the Giants stadium with some close family friends in the evening. I'm not sure I would have been so attentive to details if we did a quick in/out of the city instead. By the way, for all my new Mom friends or Mom's to be, invest in an ergo, beco, boba or one of the other ergonomically correct baby carriers. You won't regret it. Three hours on Josh's back and no pain. He spent some good time on my back and front nursing, no pain. That speaks VOLUMES in the baby wearing world. It's huge! I've tried the 'cheaper' versions, don't.do.it. Yes they are expensive (we got ours basically brand new off craigslist), but so worth it. I also linked direct links to all of them in the names I listed above, so check them out!

I love the people and random art work all around San Francisco. 

Next time your near the city go for a long walk. Stroll around, dilly-daddle. Taking your time to see and really experience it makes it THAT much more enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping in friends!


Ten and counting!

It's been a whirlwind of month nine and going on ten now. Eli has started to be braver and braver, he holds onto things while waking all around our house. We went down to California for Thanksgiving and while the drives to/from were a bit rough, I'm still thoroughly impressed with our little travel babe. He has more traveling under his tiny belt then most one year olds! You go kid. In your last few days of being nine months you received your FOURTH haircut! That will make it five haircuts before your even a year old!

Yes, he's totally wearing an iPood onesie. It's actually a hand me down from his cousin. We bought it for her about three years ago now. It may turn into that item all the cousins wear. I figure with our technology engrained brains it fits pretty well. Plus, mama is totally an apple dedicated user. It all started with my macbook...

Eli, your personality is totally coming out now. You are determined and so happy all the time. Mommy and Daddy love you oh so much. Your constantly smiling and surprising us with your new tricks. From walking all around the house while holding onto furniture or just the wall to knowing how to crawl on all fours, but you prefer army crawling. You keep us on the go and we LOVE it. Don't know what we would do with out you in our lives bud. We are oh so grateful for you.

I know this post is a little late, we've been traveling for thanksgiving. It's been so nice to visit family and see cousins. Any opportunity to see family is a good one for us. We almost didn't make it though literally having the stomach flu 24 hours before we left. It was awful! SO happy that is over and we still got to go.

Eli has been working on pushing in his sixth tooth the whole trip. Thankfully the worst part of it happened after we got back home. Looks like every tooth he pushes through will have different reactions from his body...this last one was rough. Ugh...

With that a crying baby awaits for me from bed. G'night all.