A Christmas at Home.

We decided to do Christmas on a rotation schedule. One year in Washington with my family, one in California with Josh's and one year home. We can't do the crazy driving around with Christmas Eve with his family and Christmas day with mine and I'm actually very thankful for that. Spending Christmas with one family makes it a lot more relaxing and stress free. I also like we have decided to take time for ourselves as family. I didn't take hardly any photos on Christmas day, but that's OK. I know I should have, but I was honestly enjoying the day so much the thought completely escaped me.

Our day was filled with relaxation and celebration of the birth of our Savior. We opened gifts and stockings. I baked our traditional cinnamon rolls (who I had the BEST help making them from). Yes they are homemade, no I don't have a recipe.
I'm not much of a recipe person. Afterwards we relaxed and cleaned up a bit. FaceTime'd with family in California and Washington. Called great-grandparents in Romania. It was quite the relaxing and blissful day.

This giant wall in our rental is not only large, but it combines our living space with our dining space. Essentially two different areas in one. In November I finally mustered up the courage to put up the giant ten foot shelf. The whole wall is a work in progress (as you can see from the plastic wrap still on Eli's newborn photo) and I'm not sure if it will ever be 'finished'. I enjoy changing things up constantly. It's a problem.

Little penguin has been enjoying outlets a bit too much lately. He's trying to figure out how the covers work now. I'm in trouble.

We got Eli the bi-plane rocker for Christmas and he loves it! I have to figure out how to post a video on here to show you.
Purchased last year in San Francisco
Our 2013 ornament
I LOVE shopping after Christmas. When I open all our decorations the next year it's a wonderful surprise to put decor up I haven't used yet. Is that weird? It's kind of a rush.
So the little penguin was in my stocking one year and it's been floating about our house since. The owl is named Greg and my good friend has his brother Erwin in Maryland. You can check out her blog here Our life in Four Bags. They actually have a twitter we need to get up and running again.
My next project. Like I said, always working on something. Although, I am embarrassed to say it took me about three months to cover the pillows on the couch.

Dinner on Christmas Eve consisted of mashed potatoes and pomegranate buttered rosemary chicken. Dinner on Christmas day was prime rib, baked red potatoes, carrots/green beans in a lemon/butter sauce, walnut salad and baked elephant ear garlic with cranberry sourdough. It was delicious. All of it.

I figured it out! Merry Belated Christmas to you and yours!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!!! <3 We too are debating on what to do with the holidays. I think we will start doing Thanksgiving on our own...at least every other year?!? :) It's just a LOT to drive down south twice in almost one month. Well, it wasn't before, but adding kids into the mix? A whole different story. :) Merry Christmas friend.


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