Eleven months has gone by since welcoming our son into this world. Eleven whole months. What?! This month he has exploded with words, he says baba, mama, dada (or tata in Romanian), he points to what he wants and on the day before he turned eleven months, he even took two steps! Then the next day seven or eight in a row!

He's gone from army crawling to normal crawling. From the rolling position to sitting up. Now he even pulls himself up to standing! He's shocked us both with how much he's done in the past month. I know there's even more to come, but I'm not sure I can handle it. I do know I definitely don't have a choice in the matter.

This was him right before our little monthly shoot. Mashed potatoes from Christmas. Yum!

How do you get an eleven month old to lay still for photos? Give them a necklace! I won a set of chewbeads online recently and I must say, I'm really happy I did. Eli LOVES chewing on them. Check them out here if your interested, Chewbeads. I'm pretty surprised with how sturdy they are as well, Eli has broken three of my necklaces now (one of my favorites too) and this one he hasn't been able to. YAY!

All of these were taken by Josh. I just love them. Except for the fact my hair is sporadic and I am really sick in these photos. So tired of being sick. We've been sick three times in the past month and a half and this time is really wearing on me. Our reality lately is perfectly exemplified in the photos Josh took of Eli and myself. Happy...nurse...sad...nurse...bleh...nurse.


 Oh and Eli and Nizmo's relationship has really developed into amazing brotherly love lately. Nizmo loves being near him, but knows to try and be gently. Eli gets him very exciting by crawling around him and squealing in glee. It's adorable.

Isn't he the naughtiest little Woody you ever did see? My sisters bought him the onesie right when he was born and he is FINALLY big enough to wear it. The boots they bought are way too small though.
Hope your new years is blissful and happy! And hopefully your not pulling your child out of the trash in the bathroom...

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  1. I bought a set of those beads at a local baby boutique because Jack is sooooo active while nursing lately and he totally needed an outlet that didn't involve clawing my face/chest haha. Best investment ever. :) And he loves to chew on them while in his stroller too. Win win. One more month and it's his BIRTHDAY! Any party plans? ;)


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