Just Be.

You ever wonder what it would be like to experience life through the eyes of a baby again? Sometimes people say,

"babies just LOVE to get messy."
"All babies want is to make messes"

To be quite honest with you, i'd much rather get messy or make a mess then be clean or clean it up. Babies do all these thing to experience what happens. They've never experienced tearing blocks down and the sound it makes. Or what a banana feels like in your hand. You've heard the expression,

"innocence of a child."

Children are innocent of everything until they experience it for themselves. The more you squish the banana in your hand or fall on the pavement a few times you learn it's not so fun to eat the banana when it's soft and scraping your knees and hands really, actually hurts! As adults tense up for the fall or get angry when we drop food on ourselves.

Why? Is this what being an adult is really about? If so, then I'd much rather look through the perspective of my son. I've enjoyed greatly seeing his reaction to this season. Although winter months may be dreary and plain for some, it is really a very colorful time of year for me. The Christmas lights and decor. He's not as interested as we expected him to be in the tree, but his face definitely lit up when we first put it up. Trying to pull the lights off and eat them (don't let your kid do that though). He was amazed.

The snow globe was a huge hit with him at first. Glitter falling and a carol singing. Innocence...

Frankly, there is so much in this world that is mean and angry. It's so hard to completely push it out of your mind. I want the innocence my son has. The imagination and verve for life. Your on the fast path to adulthood as soon as elementary school is over it seems like. When your young, you want nothing more then to grow up. When you grow up, you want nothing more then to turn back time and slow down. This isn't one of those, "I told you so" moments by the people wiser and older then us. This is more of a, "Lord...give me peace" moment. I just want to sit, admire our tree and be. Just be.

Eli has started crawling (on all fours) now and his sounds are progressing to more then just,
Which is great! As a parent I want him to grow, learn, see and do. But as an adult I want him to slow down. It's not going to happen. God didn't intend for life to be slow. Really he didn't. Maybe life would be harder for us as humans if it were slower, I'm not sure. Regardless of His intentions for it, try to remember to slow down and breath. Live in the moment, if not for yourself for your kids.

Sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to remind you it's not about getting to the next milestone. Sitting down in a fluffy snowsuit and discovering what snow tastes like for the first time is more important then walking or talking.
Just be.

Good night friends. From my snow bear to yours,

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  1. Ana, there is so much truth in this post! Awhile back Brittany and I were talking a lot about "just being" and it really struck a cord deep within us. Like you were saying, as the children grow up and life becomes infinitely more crazy/loud/busy and somtimes frustrating, it's easy to get overwhelmed and frazzled. Will this help our children to see us this way? No.. it will only encourage the wild behavior and show them to speed UP, rather than sloooow down. I made a little poster for myself that I have hung in my hallway. You might have seen it, and I read it every day to remind myself to calm down and just live in the moment. It says "Be positive, be present, be loving, be calm. STOP THINKING. Just be" It really helps a lot =] Thanks for the extra reminder, today! I know I need it =]


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