Meeting Anna

While in the bay area, one must always visit the city. If you have a husband like mine who despises the city how do you make this enjoyable for you AND him? Take the train I 'spose. We ended up taking BART into San Francisco while we were there and it was a much more enjoyable experience then bringing our SUV and trying to figure out parking. No thank you. Why hadn't we thought of this before??! Live and learn I guess.

I have been following Anna from {him, me & the pipsqueak} for several years now. We've communicated back and forth commenting on each other's blogs and what not. This year we are actually doing an ornament exchange, send one to your buddy and receive one back. We don't have many followers and that's OKAY. I'm not sure either of us really blogs for followers as much as for ourselves and family. Regardless, it totally made us feel super hip to do a 'blogger meet up' in the city!

Her husband Jason and herself actually live in San Francisco with their new baby boy Jack. They live in the city and I am VERY jealous of that fact. I am such a city person. So I live vicariously through her blog. I wish we would have gotten more photos, especially of the espresso and food at the coffee shop she took us to. I'll just close my eyes and remember the crunchy, buttery deliciousness of the chocolate croissant I had. 

Alright, I'll stop. Can't have you drooling on me! 

It was a VERY fun day in the city. Eli slept in the ergo for a total of three hours that day. Better then any day since we had gotten there. We walked EVERYWHERE. So much more enjoyable to visit then using a car. I think we will go into the city with BART every time now.

We actually made a huge day out of it. Met with Anna in the early afternoon and then had dinner by the Giants stadium with some close family friends in the evening. I'm not sure I would have been so attentive to details if we did a quick in/out of the city instead. By the way, for all my new Mom friends or Mom's to be, invest in an ergo, beco, boba or one of the other ergonomically correct baby carriers. You won't regret it. Three hours on Josh's back and no pain. He spent some good time on my back and front nursing, no pain. That speaks VOLUMES in the baby wearing world. It's huge! I've tried the 'cheaper' versions, don't.do.it. Yes they are expensive (we got ours basically brand new off craigslist), but so worth it. I also linked direct links to all of them in the names I listed above, so check them out!

I love the people and random art work all around San Francisco. 

Next time your near the city go for a long walk. Stroll around, dilly-daddle. Taking your time to see and really experience it makes it THAT much more enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping in friends!


  1. Woot woot! That's my face on your blog! :) It was so great to meet you and I'm glad you love my crazy wacky city...does this include the guy in his itty bitty Santa suit that walked by...or did he roller skate by while we were having our delightful pastries? I could tell your huz was thuh-rilled by it hahaha. Good times. Oh San Francisco. And I like your new bloggy background btw. <3

  2. I Loooove San Francisco!! It sounds like you guys had such a great time meeting with new friends and exploring the city! =] And Ergos ROCK! You're so right, having the right kind of carrier makes all the difference in the world! =]


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