Ten and counting!

It's been a whirlwind of month nine and going on ten now. Eli has started to be braver and braver, he holds onto things while waking all around our house. We went down to California for Thanksgiving and while the drives to/from were a bit rough, I'm still thoroughly impressed with our little travel babe. He has more traveling under his tiny belt then most one year olds! You go kid. In your last few days of being nine months you received your FOURTH haircut! That will make it five haircuts before your even a year old!

Yes, he's totally wearing an iPood onesie. It's actually a hand me down from his cousin. We bought it for her about three years ago now. It may turn into that item all the cousins wear. I figure with our technology engrained brains it fits pretty well. Plus, mama is totally an apple dedicated user. It all started with my macbook...

Eli, your personality is totally coming out now. You are determined and so happy all the time. Mommy and Daddy love you oh so much. Your constantly smiling and surprising us with your new tricks. From walking all around the house while holding onto furniture or just the wall to knowing how to crawl on all fours, but you prefer army crawling. You keep us on the go and we LOVE it. Don't know what we would do with out you in our lives bud. We are oh so grateful for you.

I know this post is a little late, we've been traveling for thanksgiving. It's been so nice to visit family and see cousins. Any opportunity to see family is a good one for us. We almost didn't make it though literally having the stomach flu 24 hours before we left. It was awful! SO happy that is over and we still got to go.

Eli has been working on pushing in his sixth tooth the whole trip. Thankfully the worst part of it happened after we got back home. Looks like every tooth he pushes through will have different reactions from his body...this last one was rough. Ugh...

With that a crying baby awaits for me from bed. G'night all.

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