.A Few of Our Favorite Things. (almost) One Year Edition.

It's been a while since I did a favorites post. Favorite baby items change often as Eli's gotten older, as they should. So it was a little hard to keep up with it. Since Eli is almost a whole year old (yikes!) I figured I would share some of our current favorite items. One thing I've discovered with baby items is the cheaper things you buy tend to crap out on you faster. Not saying everyone needs to buy the top of the line item, but somewhere between midway-higher price point and your pretty golden on it lasting you a couple kiddos (unless you have a dog who enjoys chewing on his brothers things...grrr.).

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This is the Marpac Dohm Sound Conditioner. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, so I'll just use amazon's description. It was recommended to us by quite a few friends and we LOVE it. Eli's naps have gone from 20-30 minutes to 1.5-2 hours. In my book that is a win no matter what! We LOVE our sleep sheep, but the fact it shut off after 20 minutes just wasn't cutting it anymore, he needed something constant. I have a happier kid who sleeps how much his body is requiring him to now. We were able to purchase it at babies r us because we price matched to amazon.
Here's the info:
"This is what serious sleep is all about. The Marpac Dohm is the original sound conditioner, invented by Marpac in 1962. This simple, effective sound conditioner creates the natural, soothing sound of rushing air to block distracting noises across a range of frequencies for deeper sleep, relaxation, and concentration. The Dohm also helps protect confidentiality in places where sensitive information is shared. This compact, lightweight sound conditioner fits easily on a desk or nightstand, or in a suitcase. The Dohm-DS has two levels of sound, so you can choose the volume and tone of white noise most pleasing to your ears and best suited to your application."

This is the Playtex flip top snack cup. There are many different types of these on the market and this is the one we happened to have picked up at our store. We like it, Eli's figuring it out which keeps him entertained and our dog has chewed the second one to get to his brothers snack. So clearly it keeps food in from both parties...sigh. It's not something we are in love with, but it does the job. 
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We love our Crane humidifiers, no need for filters and they work really well. Our brown monkey recently broke (I think it fell and the plastic cracked) so I contacted the company and they gave me a pretty sweet coupon code for it. We bought the elephant above for Eli's room and the drop shape version for our bedroom.


This nasty cold/flu season has been harsh on us the past couple months. I'm pretty positive we are on the mend and almost through it at this point. In saying that all three of us have been congested at one point or another. A lady in my food swap group (separate post on that soon) made VapoRub without all the nasty ingredients Vicks has. As you can see, Eli really enjoyed 'eating' the label off, but I'm sure you can tell what most of the ingredients are. We love it and it's helped a lot. I'm glad to have this in our 'sickness' arsenal now.

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In continuing with the above, I've recently discovered DoTerra products. Now I'd like to say I'm not committed to any brand of essential oils, I tend to buy what works for us and is convenient at the time. I'm not committed to DoTerra, Young Living, Aura Acacia or any other brand. You can find all those brands in my closet and I love them all and use them. I know Young Living has a similar product called 'Thieves' oil (which I've actually ordered to have as well to try). I know people who put On Guard or Thieves on their feet and their childrens feet nightly and RARELY ever get sick. We started using this at the end of our cold, so I'm not sure if it shortened it, but I DO know Josh had gotten over being sick and started getting sick AGAIN two weeks later. He was sick for ONE day, congested, coughing, dripping nose (he couldn't tell it was dripping. So sad) and other gross bodily functions. I gave him DoTerra's On Guard cough drops and put this on his feet, he felt 10X better the next day and he was SHOCKED. He also got a headache, so I rubbed peppermint oil on his temples, the nape of his neck and ears and his head stopped pounding not 20 min later. Good stuff. Find a local distributor to support them if your interested or purchase from amazon. The distributor will save you money though. I am a complete essential oil convert now.



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We love cloth diapering. A lot. Even Josh has mentioned how much he loves it. We hate POOP. When Eli wasn't eating solids poop was easy and water soluble, just toss in the wash with no worries. Not so much anymore. I really didn't want to buy a diaper sprayer and all the accessories, just not my cup of tea. GroVia diaper liners were suggested to me and I'm so happy someone mentioned them. You literally just put the liner over the part babies bum touches (we use prefolds and covers). Then when it's soiled you just pick it up and flush it! They are biodegradable so no worries about clogging your toilet. I love that you can reuse them if there's no poo, so I really get my $11 out of the pack of 200. We've had these almost five months now and I'm not even half way done with the roll. I just wash them with the diapers and then hang dry.

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Eli is really into figuring things out right now and stacking them. We bought him this stacker from hape for Christmas and he loves it! He spends about 20 minutes each day taking the rings off and putting them back on. He's not so interested in the clown head, but the rings are fabulous!

What are your favorite baby items currently?

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