.Big ONE year old.

This post is a little late coming (okay like two days) but it's been a whirlwind of birthday preparations, decor making and birthday boy celebrating. Family flew in real quick and just as fast flew back.

A year ago this week Josh and I sat waiting for our boy to arrive. We were naive in thinking we already loved him SO much. Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming surge of love that comes over you the moment you give birth. To this day I still can't watch the video of holding him on my chest for the first time. Too many emotions return and it's too much to handle for me. From kicking on the inside to laying on me. So much love. So much happiness. So many tears.

Just like birth and labor was all for love, so was his party to me. It may seem frivolous but I enjoyed every minute of it and it wasn't stressful at all to me. It was a small party full of people who enjoy him and us. My parents walked in the door just as the party was beginning, good timing on their part. Nothing fancy or over the top, just a lot of flannel and love.
Our theme was tee pee/camping/outdoors. I saved our Christmas wreath but took off the faux holly and bow. Took off all the ornaments and lights off the small fake tree we have and made tin can lanterns. Josh's dad gave us a whole bunch of camping gear recently, most of which is vintage, so I set the canteen and saw next to it. The branches you see on the ground there, those are from trimming the bottom of our Christmas tree. Yeah, I saved those.

I love chalkboards, so I made sure I utilized them all for his party. Really simple decor actually. My friend actually made the thank you tags for the treat bags, with a mini brown paper sack, some bakers twine and a compass rose stamp. Voila! Thank you treats. Oh, they were filled with trail mix, which I found appropriate.

I found some wood grain wrapping paper at a local shop and used that to cover my counter top with food. Took a black thick felt pen and wrote food item names next it such as, 'S'mores Dip', 'Sticks' (pretzel sticks), 'Roasted Dogs' and so forth. Trying to be creative while keeping with the theme.

We all take a million and one photos on our phones so I printed off all the photos I've taken leading up to his birthday using PostalPix . A super simple app on your phone (iPhone or Android) that you upload the photos directly to and they ship them to your home. Seriously, its SO easy. Rather then purchasing crepe paper and cheesy garland (that wouldn't have worked) I strung photos with clothespins and twine throughout the house. It was really special to me looking back throughout the year as he's grown and everything that's happened.

We pulled out our camping chairs, stools and table for extra seating and food space throughout the room. Put chilled fruit sodas in my picnic basket with black striped straws. Oh and we wore flannel. That was on the invite, "Don't forget your flannel." Everyone thought it was cute and we loved seeing all our friends get creative with the flannel they have or didn't have. Overall the party was a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

He ended up being more interested in the graham cracker tent on his cake then the cupcake we put in front of him. Then again, I'm not complaining. He's really not into sugary things. The cake and cupcakes were Josh's grandmother's recipe, I just adjusted the sugar content to my liking.

Oh and he officially has enough super hero clothing to last him until he's five. I'm not even kidding.
Josh and I made him a tee pee for his birthday. I decorated it with it's own tin can lantern and photo garland.

Now for all the iPhone photos. Enjoy friends.

My friend Angela made his wood grain thank you tags on her century old letter press. Check out her etsy shop here. If you haven't had any letter press in your life, do it. I love her stuff and she will work with you on anything! 

My idea of a simple cake. Carrot cake with a caramel cream cheese frosting. 
Eli, your growing up and we can't seem to stop time. I love playing with you and watching you discover things. Your dad and I are so proud of you and we can't wait to see what God has in store for you. Remember to keep on going when things get tough, rely on him, put one foot in front of the other and love deeply. When the world gives you ugly, you give them love. Because we don't need anymore ugly in this world. We definitely need more love though.
I love you.
We love you.
Jesus loves you.


  1. So Sweet, thanks for sharing! Mine is turning one in a month and I can't believe it's gone so fast. Your statement to Eli at the end made me cry. So amazing, love it!!!

  2. Too cute! We are doing a similar theme. It will be a Little Indian birthday party. :) Happy Bday Eli!


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