We have a green couch. 
With modern retro pillows.
The ottoman is in the same fabric. 

Those are facts. Josh despises our green couch. He says it looks like split pea soup. I happen to like it. The couch, not the soup (yuck!). The modern retro fabric totally clashed with everything in our home. Now I'm not about to go dissing on retro, I like retro things. But they have to be authentic, not fake. I have a friend who's boyfriend is a coffee roaster. She mentioned they give away those giant burlap sacks the coffee comes in for free. Free you say? Yep. This got me thinking what I could use them for. After I learned of these free sacks, I immediately forgot about it.

Seriously, I have a child. 

Well I just happened to have jaunted in a coffee roaster about a mile and a half away from us. Trying their coffee and went on my merry way. Then just before leaving I remembered those free sack information so I asked them if they gave theirs away. The answer was YES! Thus an idea was born. I took four sacks home and it took almost three to cover the ottoman. I recently covered the pillows with thrifted sweaters. Yes, sweaters. I love the cable knit sweater look from Pottery Barn, but no way in heck will I spend  $70 on a pillow! I just can't do it. So off to Goodwill I went, $7  and three months later (I learned how to sew zippers! Yippee!), pillow covers were born. I already have to redo one of them because this whole sewing thing totally has a learning curve. But I love them.

So here's the ottoman with a coffee sack covering it. I've been wanting to replace it for a while. Looking on craigslist for tables to redo. No luck on the 'perfect' one. Plus, hubby loves being able to put his feet up on the ottoman and I do like how soft it is. Eli doesn't hurt his noggin on corners or anything.

Close up of plans and the awful modern retro fabric. There's also some lint. Josh helped me a lot with measuring and such.

We unfolded the sack we wanted for the top, taking out all the thread and string. It didn't take too long, but these are large sacks and there were three total used for this.

I decided to sew the wrong side...thank goodness we left extra material. I cut it off and restarted since I had already sewn it twice! I was extra careful after this mistake. So were my fingers when it came to sewing up the sides. Needles hurt.

The final product. It's not perfect (in fact one side is a tad longer then the other) but I don't want it to be perfect. I hate perfect because it's not realistic. So this is 'perfect' for our house and home. I love how it turned out.
With the rest of the sack I am going to make a table runner and possibly a small pillow. I also plan to go back for more sacks to make a throw rug for our bedroom. I've been inspired and you can't stop me now!

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