I'm not one to make new years resolutions. Something like that doesn't encourage me. Is that odd? Well in the spirit of the new year I actually do have a few resolutions for 2014. Maybe it's having a baby encouraging me to be a better version of myself, maybe it's just the 'year' for resolutions.

.Live healthier.
We already eat very good, are fairly active and are outside often. We need to tone down the sweets though. Oh those sweets are awful. I did pretty awesome on halloween and thanksgiving, staying away from it all, but Christmas...ack! I'm positively ashamed to say I know I've gained at least five pounds. I guess a little rolly-polly-er never killed anyone, but I did work hard to lose all that baby weight.

.Be less controversial.
In 2014 I want to stop posting things on Facebook that may cause controversy in someones life or make them think they aren't doing a good job as a parent. I know I've calmed down in posting things or sharing them, but I do comment on those that still do. I want to stop both. Disclaimer: For me this does not include religious topics. My religion is what makes me, ME. My job as a Christ-follower is to share His gospel. I take that seriously.

.Get our food budget under CONTROL.
We spend way too much on food. Not eating out budget, but actual grocery budget. I'm proud we eat whole, real food that is not processed. I am not proud at the little, "Oh just have to go to the store for this and come back with $80 worth of stuff" part of our spending. It's a little bit too out of control.

.Be a better Christ follower.
Since having Eli I haven't been able to get in the word as much. I've also been using my 'down' time to be online often. It's not healthy. Time to work on it.

.Go on a legit vacation.
We love our family, a lot. We love seeing them, often. But lets be real, seeing family and friends back home isn't a vacation. You often come home more tired then when you left, especially with a baby. Our goal is to go on a vacation for our five year anniversary in August. I think this will be doable if we can get our spending on food under control.

.Put down the media.
I know this is a common struggle now a days. As I'm nursing Eli I have my phone in hand browsing. Put him down for a second, hold up let me check instagram. Oh is that a notification? I should check that. It's SO easy to get sucked in. I need to put.it.down.

I miss reading. I knew I wouldn't be able to devour books as often with Eli, but now I go to the easy solution, media. See above. I started a book right after he was born and I still haven't finished it. How embarrassing. Put down the remote. Put down the phone. Shut off the computer. I need to let my brain remember what it was like to think for itself and really learn. Also, this unhealthy media relationship is giving me insomnia.

So in the end, I have quite a few resolutions. Ultimately I don't want this to last just a year, I want to turn this all into a lifestyle change. Just like we've changed how we eat. It's doable. It's not overwhelming and in the end, it's better. Better for Eli, better for my husband and most important better for me.

Happy 2014,

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