Give it to Him

Society says a stay at home mom cooks.
Changes diapers and wipes up messes.
And must be bored out of their minds with nothing to do....

While most of this may be true, we are also there for our kids emotionally and spiritually. That is the hardest part of being a parent in my opinion. The chores will always be there. The daily cooking to be done. A mess to be cleaned up and carpet to be vacuumed.
What society often forgets about is when they fall, we pick them up. When they are overtired, we rock them to sleep for 20 minutes to calm them down. When they stutter, we encourage them to keep on going. When they are heart broken, we do anything to help put the pieces back together.

Being a mom is tough, it's not all play dates, cocktails and gossip. By the end of the day I am more emotionally and physically drained then after running a race at a meet! To top off the list, I struggle. Society has told me being a mom isn't a job. No, your right I don't pay taxes, fees and I don't see a paycheck biweekly. I wish I did though. I have this urgency to contribute to our family but I can't for the life of me figure out how. Two years left until my bachelors and I've literally cried while looking at majors from schools. Photography, business, international studies, environmental studies...all things very important to me I enjoy doing, but none screams at me. I hate the idea of spending money on a degree I won't use.

So here I am, seven years out of high school with no degree and no clue what to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not naive, I know a piece of paper doesn't necessarily roll the dough in. You don't need a degree to make it in the world, many entrepreneurs have proved this time and time again. But for me, there is a strong desire to finish.

So while society tells me staying home isn't a job right now, I'd like to tell society to try it.
ana O.

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  1. I know a major that brings in the big bucks...PHILOSOPHY! bahahahaha. Not. :) I've got the degree and I will say...I enjoyed the experience of college quite a bit. But the actual degree means a whole lot of nada. Unless you get an engineering, teaching, or architecture degree. I swear those are the only ones that actually mean anything right out of college. :) Anyways, I am way more exhausted at the end of my "mama work day" then I ever was after my "out of the house work day". But my heart is full.


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