I guess you would call this a follow up to my post yesterday 'Broke'. I went back today where I saw the gentleman with kidney failure and he wasn't there. That didn't deter me from picking up a rain jacket, a liter of water & some snacks for him though. When I see him again I hope to quickly pick up a hot meal for him and give him our gifts. Today at the same intersection I did see another gentleman limping around with a sign. I couldn't read too much of his sign because of traffic but I quickly ran over to jack in the box (not the healthiest, I know) and bought him a sandwich, a drink and fruit. Best I could do with a sleeping babe in the car. It cost me around six dollars. SIX dollars.
Our interaction was short and direct;
"Sir, are you hungry?
Would you like a meal?
-Yes. Is this water?
No, it's juice.
-Okay that's good. Thank you. God bless you."

He didn't share his life or story. I didn't ask. Frankly it's not my place. I've passed by a lot of homeless people growing up in the various places I've been and lived. I've judged. I've shaken my head. I've even pointed fingers. For there is never room to judge another. I've heard remarks from people I know, "Some of 'them' don't even want a job because they make enough panhandling."
You may be right and I've certainly thought that way as well, but you know what? If Jesus pulls at my heart strings to buy someone a meal, I'm going to. I'm done passing by. I'm done thinking negative thoughts about a person I've never met.

Was I afraid today? Sure. Satan likes to push fear in my mind thinking the worst of people and of the what 'could' happens. I was at a very busy intersection during the day brain! If anything were to happen, I'm sure I'd be protected by the various passing people. Regardless, nothing happened and I was able to give someone in need a meal. Maybe even his only meal. I don't know though. I'd like to think I did something great, but really I'm just hoping he gets to tomorrow. The only thing left to do for him is pray.

Pray for a job. Pray for hope. Pray for Jesus' love. Pray for a future. Pray Jesus holds him close.

I am blessed beyond measure and frankly I've been VERY selfish lately. Maybe that's why Jesus has been convicting me to share. He's also been showing me how to be thankful. Maybe this is my perception but I feel like thankfulness seems to come by once a year around a certain turkey day. The whole month on social media is centered about day 'x' of thankfulness. This isn't a BAD thing. It's a good thing we are taking a moment of our day to think about everything we are thankful for. But I do think it's a bad thing when it's forgotten the rest of the eleven months of the year. EVERYDAY should be a day to give thanks. Everyday we should remember how awesomely blessed we are. Another goal I have for my life is to stop thinking about the 'I want' or 'I need' and think about the 'I'm thankful for'.

Life isn't fun if your constantly judging another. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to be better. I'm not sharing this to show you some 'I'm greater then thou' attitude. I share my heart because I communicate better in writing. Maybe you'll get to know me better, maybe I'll encourage you, maybe I'm just a good read today. I don't know what I am for you today, but I know I am happy today. I am encouraged and thankful Jesus showed me how to love on another person. That's all.

-ana O.

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