Travel Post One: D.C. with Friends

So I've been home for a couple weeks now and it's been glorious. The first week home we literally did nothing. I didn't plan anything nor did I want to. It was amazing. You really don't realize how awesome just being at home is until you've been gone for months! Now we are back in our routine and life, so I'm finally trying to cull through the endless (so it seems) amount of photos from our trips.

While we were out in D.C. we met with our good friends Becky, Keith and their little one Caleb. We left Vegas when she was pregnant with Caleb and hadn't seen them in almost two years! It was awesome discovering and exploring D.C. with them. Especially knowing we could be stationed out there in a couple years.

Oh and it was nice being able to baby wrangle together. Our boys got along so well and were definitley two peas in a pod. They are three months apart and so funny together.

Becky hadn't been to the American Art Smithsonian so we headed that way and discovered they ahve the most amazing covered tropical oasis in the center. It's enclosed like a greenhouse and it smelled AMAZING. So relaxing and soothing. Just what we needed among the crazy streets of D.C.

Being a military family has it's pro's and con's. But a definitely pro is being able to visit the 'family' you make all over the world. We have so many awesome friends and 'families' it's great to see their lives in the moment and just 'be' with them.

There's a huge possibility we will get stationed out there and it's a little comforting knowing we already have good friends there. It makes a big move like that much less scary. Maybe that's another reason God placed them over there, so they could explore first to show us awesome places when we get there!


Plus we are both photography obsessed, so really...it works out in our favor!