Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Darn song has been stuck in my head since the snow started falling this morning! We haven't even watched the movie a ridiculous amount of times, but it's just so catchy. Ahhh well it could be worse. We had our first snowfall this year and I think it's safe to say Eli is just as in love with the snow as I am. I feel like a giddy little girl when the white stuff starts falling from the sky.

Sometimes even when life is hectic it's best to just slow down and go for a quick walk.


Snow is simply the best at making everything seem spic and span perfect. I just love it. Or maybe the OCD part of me loves it. ha!

What's your favorite season?
ana o.
P.S. No, we didn't build a snowman.


Lots of Love

We've been dealing with teething tummy issues over here for almost a week. Also known as, I put everything in my mouth whether it's good for me or not because my gums hurt. Saturday night was a four wake-up night, not fun. Last night Eli woke up twice and then the DOG had tummy issues so he needed to be let out a few times as well. Where is the sleep folks?? Needless to say my temper has been short & patience thin. Is there a way to combat this when we are so exhausted? 
Motherhood is challenging and hard, no doubt about it. You want to make sure you love enough, praise enough, hug enough & just be enough in a technology driven, fast paced & nonstop life. You want to make sure your not making mistakes, but mistakes are inevitable right? So after your short with that little person (or persons) in your life you feel bad & turn around on your knees and hug them. In my opinion one of the best things I can do for my child is ask for forgiveness from them, no matter how young they are or whether they can understand it. I want him to be quick to forgive and to apologize for mistakes he's made in the future, so I will model that for him now.
We often wonder the common phrase,
"Where did they learn that from?"
Well when they are so young the influences around them from friends are little compared to how much they look up to us as parents. Is he having problems throwing things? Have I modeled such abrupt behavior or given him a reason to be frustrated? Most likely. I'm not perfect and I never will be, I'm okay with that fact. But how can we raise our kids to be slow to anger and quick to forgive if we are not modeling that ourselves? It starts at home.

It starts with us. 
Before we teach them to put one foot forward, I feel like we need to teach them to take a step back to just be. Being a go getter is great, at the right time. But I also want to teach him to remember to take your time. Sometimes it's easier said then done, I mean who wants to eat the chocolate chip cookie slow?! Moments are fleeting and it's okay to leave distractions at home to focus. You don't NEED to count that mile you walked with your child today on your phone, you can input it later on. 
Maybe I'm at a point in my life where too much feels overwhelming. I've felt the need to purge different things in my life. Excessive clothes, books, shoes, kitchenware and it feels REALLY good. I want to teach my son to live simply and at the same time to live intentionally. I may be the worst model for this myself, but I'm trying. That's what counts, right?
So today I pray for patience, calmness, intentional-ness & love. Lots of love because that's what really matters.