A new Season

Next month will bring a time of change for us. I am going back to school (although I must say I am nervous as HECK and have considered chickening out). I've accepted awards and national grants so I have NO reason to not do it at this point, except for my nerves. Why the heck is school so nerve wracking?! Regardless, a new month, a new year...it's going to be an interesting one folks, THAT'S for sure. My "little" sister is getting married in June and my "littl-er" sister is graduating high school. I mean really...it's a crazy time. But I'm ever so grateful for the support and love from family and friends. Taking lemons and making lemonade. That's what it feels like for sure.
Here's to a new year, a new month and new adventures. Here's to YOU.

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  1. You're going back to school?! How didn't I know this?! Maybe I did and it got filed back away in my brain somewhere.. regardless that's freaking awesome! What for? (I suck as a friend lmao)


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