Leo's Story

Let me preface this by saying it's been months since I blogged. I'm kind of okay with that fact. I've found other outlets to express myself, YouTube vlogging being one and instagram being the second. It's been good for me I think. But I'm not blogging here to talk about that, I'm here to share Leo's birth story for all the mama's waiting....

I had been having contractions for a little over a week, some consistent & some completely random. Prodromal labor is annoying! My midwife doesn't do pelvic checks, which I'm completely grateful for because had I known how dilated I was I'm sure it would have pissed me off. With Eli I knew I was at 2cm for a month which only infuriated me. My little sister came to town and she literally hit the ground running with me, we walked...and walked....AND walked some more. On Monday, the 17th after a whirlwind weekend of my husband having a super high fever (think 104...), we walked (ahem..waddled) to the grocery store that evening for a box of brownie mix. About three miles total. Promptly upon returning contractions started around 9pm completely inconsistent. Some were 2-3min apart and then they would spread out to 10min-20min apart. I was between the tub and laying down in our bed the whole time. Part of it was very emotional for me as I was listening to worship songs for part of it to relax and a song that was sung at our good friends funeral came on...cue crying.

Give me Jesus
"When I am alone,
When I am alone, 
When I am alone,
Give me Jesus.

Give me Jesus.
Give me Jesus, 
Give me Jesus.
You can have all this world,
Just give me Jesus."

It certainly felt good to be reminded I didn't need anyone else but Jesus during my labor. Both boys labor's Christ has influenced me significantly. During Eli's I would recite Luke 1:37 ("For nothing will be impossible with God.”) over and over again while contractions hit. Two in the morning hits and my contractions finally start becoming consistent. Josh states if they last like this for thirty minutes then we are headed into the hospital. After 30min it's 2:30am and we load up the car with a sleepy toddler and my little sister following behind us in another car. We arrive at the hospital after dropping Eli off at a friends just after 3am and head to triage to get monitored and checked. Due to the shape of my belly the heartbeat monitor kept slipping off, but after a quick check we find out I'm 7cm dilated and head to our room (FINALLY). We arrive in our labor room just after 3:45am and they want to actively monitor Leo's heartbeat for three contractions just to make sure he's okay, during this another nurse fills up the bathtub and my midwife arrives and states, "Let's have a baby!"
I attempt to get in the tub but declare it's too hot and I have to use the bathroom (it felt like I had to pee). So I sit down on the toilet and my contractions immediately change from a low groan to a deep growl and my body is literally pushing Leo out involuntarily and my water breaks simultaneously. My midwife rushes to me and declares,
"Moderate crowning.....FULL crowning.....Baby is born!" 
while reaching under me to pull him to my chest. Less then a minute later he was out. Mind you I'm in complete shock, I mean complete. The first words out of my mouth are, 
"Did that just happen?!"

Born at 4:03 am on August 18, 2015. 

Yeah, we were in the room for 15 min before Leo came out and my midwife arrived FOUR minutes before she caught him. It was insane. I walked from the bathroom to the bed while Leo was still attached to the placenta and laid down with my baby on my chest while we waited for the placenta to come. We wait for the cord to stop pulsing and my little sister cuts it. My body contracts and my midwife tells me to push out the placenta when I can.

(This is where I'm very thankful we didn't choose to have a homebirth.) I push the placenta out like a popped balloon and also drench my midwife (it was like a murder scene folks!) and a streak of about 15ft in front of me of blood. Thinking I'm bleeding out my midwife stays calm but concerned until she can look at the placenta better because my body isn't releasing an excessive amount of blood. She realized the placenta detached prematurely and turned, so while we waited for the cord to stop pulsing it hadn't completely drained back to Leo. So when my body pushed it out it was like a fluid filled balloon had burst out of me...a very once in a lifetime experience for everyone. The nurses were shocked & of course my midwife as well. 

7lbs 10oz & 20in of Leo.

Thankfully everything was completely okay. No tearing at all (with how fast he came out that's a relief!) My midwife declared me fine to be released & same with Leo's doctor that same day. We were in and out of the hospital in 15 hours. It was amazing.

We've been home for 10 days and its been hard, challenging & blissful all at once. Leo has already surpassed his birthweight after losing a bit. We've worked out our nursing kinks and Josh goes back to work next week. One day at a time, but I'm ever so grateful.

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