Our Story

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Josh & Me. 


 For those of you that don't know the story of how Josh and I met, I figured I'd tell it here. It is quite the unique story, if I do say so myself. :D

Josh and I met in December of 2007. We met on a plane.
I was coming home from visiting my best friend Sarah in Dallas, TX and Josh was going home to Napa Valley, CA from Tech school for the Air Force. We were not originally sitting next to each other, but the kids that were sitting next to Josh in the emergency aisle were to young to be sitting there, so they asked me to switch. I, being the complete nerd I am was shutting off my cell phone at the same time Josh was. Coincidentally, we had the same phone so I looked over and said, "Shutting off yours too??". I know, horribly, horrible, BAD joke! But it got us talking for the entire flight to our first stop in Las Vegas (which is also where we ended up living oddly). Anyway, I at the time was together with someone in a very committed relationship and he was just about to get together with somebody. We both thought nothing of the chat and went our ways after he walked me to my next flight.
Of course, I am once again the nerd. He was wearing his Air Force blues (HOT!) and had his last name on it, so when I got home I looked him up on myspace and facebook, (Apparently Ohlandt isn't a very common name!). We became fast friends on there and randomly would say, 'hi' to one another and chatted like it was nothing. Little did I know that he was falling for me and I would be falling for him soon.
Time passed and he broke up with his girl friend and I was still together with my boy friend. Now here is the real kicker, in June of 2008 my family decided to go to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu, AZ for a family road trip. I ended up quite literally waking up one day (No I did not think of this the day before or anything) and said to myself that I wasn't happy and needed to break up with the person I was with at the time. To which I did that very same day. Well, luck has it that three nights later I am in Las Vegas with my family and Josh quite literally swept me off my feet. :) Took me to a night on the town in Las Vegas, saw a Cirque Du Soleil production and had an absolute blast with the man that I now call my husband.
Over all it was very quick and swift. But I don't regret any of it. I am very happy in the life I now have and wouldn't change it for the world! Josh is the best man I could ever share a life with.